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Being fairly new in the property and evidence division of my department CAPE has been very helpful, not only with plenty of information to all that’s new in the property & evidence worls, and the ability to interact with peers all in the same field, and to exchange information have been very influential in the creation and operation of our division.

Manuel Rostran- Oakley PD

CAPE has given me a large network of experienced professionals doing what I do, that have been there to help when questions arise or events happen that I am unfamiliar with or have not ran across.

Debbie Gomez- Selma PD



CAPE is basically the life line to a Property Officer.  Without this organization and the great group of people who dedicate their time and energy, Property Officers across the state would be deprived of valuable training and networking. Lifelong friends have been made by this organization and continue to on a regular basis.

Mark Lindbergh- Hawthorne PD

CAPE has made me the valuable employee I am today. Without the training and the networking I would still be trying to understand my position and how the laws affect me and my agency on a daily basis.

Joe Moralli- Chico PD


CAPE has allowed me to form invaluable connections with other Evidence professionals with whom I can consult on issues we are all facing in the evidence room.

Griselda Medina- Watsonville PD


Evidence is the foundation of every case! CAPE provides excellent training, and attending local chapter training/meetings, and annual training seminars allows members to network with fellow members from across the state and beyond, learn of current evidence booking trends, standards and practices, and gain a better understanding of the profession we work in.

Dominic Sarabia- Seal Beach PD


CAPE has put me in contact with dozens of Property Officers local to me, as well as state wide. I have multiple contacts within CAPE and have networked with others to share ideas, ask questions, and create solutions. CAPE has helped me become more productive within my department.

Rosy De Leon- Huntington Beach PD


If it wasn’t for CAPE I would not have been as effective in my job. CAPE and its members gave me the knowledge to succeed, therefore making my department succeed in the area of property & evidence. CAPE helped me protect my department by giving me the tools needed to comply with state and federal policies.

Trish Panos- Ceres PD and formerly Turlock PD


26 years ago I became the first employee assigned full time to the task of property & evidence management in the history of our department. Inheriting the task from generations of dispatchers, light duty Officers, and Investigators, there were very few standards in place. I can proudly say that I have built this unit from the ground up. Now considered an expert in my field our property unit is a model for other agencies as well as a tribute to the powers of CAPE membership. I could never have accomplished this without the support, training and networking that I have built through my regular attendance at CAPE chapter meetings and training seminars.

Deborah Souza- Milpitas PD


As a fairly newcomer to property and evidence, CAPE has provided me with experienced technicians at my fingertips. The networking with other property and evidence technicians from California has allowed me to expand my knowledge, initiate best practices, and limit department exposure to civil claims. CAPE is an essential organization to any law enforcement organization.

Tim Thomas- Palm Springs PD


Being a first year evidence/property CSO I had no training or help for my evidence shed. Everyone that belongs to CAPE is always friendly and helpful for any questions I may have. I have had, and continue to have many questions but someone always is willing to go the extra mile to respond and help me keep my evidence preserved in the correct manner. I love CAPE!

Kim Aguilar- Manteca PD


My source of information, network-topic specific related fields, advice and recommendations for items, situations and new products. Also a source of information on new laws related to evidence handling and storage.

Sgt. Kevin Medley- Channel Islands PD


What can I say, CAPE is an invaluable resource for networking, problem solving and exclusive property and evidence training for property & evidence personnel both in California and out of state. With over 650 members we have a great, diverse knowledge and skill set in property and evidence. We Are CAPE!!!!

Larry Kiefer- Livermore PD


The networking gained from not only meeting other property officers around the state, but also the connections with the seminar trainers (DOJ, DA’s, ATF, DEA, NTF) has been invaluable. It has not only benefitted me but many other people at my agency.

Shelby Hunter- San Luis Obispo PD


CAPE has given me the knowledge to fully understand my position as an Evidence Technician and has given me the confidence to apply the skills I have learned to make my department evidence unit run smoothly.

Shelby Speegle- Grass Valley PD


CAPE has provided me with an amazing support network as well as trainings which have been instrumental to my success in this position. I would be lost without CAPE!

Karina Morales- Colusa County Sheriff


Since joining CAPE it has brought our evidence room into present times. We were so outdated with policies, procedures & guidelines. By networking with everyone I’ve been able to get our property room up to current standards, thus making sure that we follow all laws. It also helps us to keep current with the laws that are always changing. The training and networking by far has been the best, and without the help of the people at CAPE we would have a property room that just exists.

Det. Wade Stern-University of California Riverside Police


CAPE is a one stop shop for all things property and evidence. CAPE is dedicated to providing the members quality training, networking, problem solving, and continued development of new and improved methods of managing LEA property and evidence rooms throughout California.

Rachelle LaPan- Pismo Beach PD


“Knowledge is Golden” is something I heard a long time ago and is a phrase I have embraced. Being a part of CAPE has enabled me to gain a better understanding of the many facets of being a Property Officer and managing my property room, and has been a valuable tool in connecting me with my fellow counterparts. The information I have gained from the seminars and chapter meetings has been, and is, invaluable (or shall I say “Golden”)

Tami Ponder- Morro Bay PD


As a Property Controller with the ALPS unit at DOJ contacts with law enforcement agencies have been mainly over the phone or emails. Attending CAPE conferences has allowed me to actually meet these contacts, some of which I’ve worked with for many years. It gives me a chance to network, answer questions, gain knowledge and share information. Very beneficial all the way around.

Lupe Garcia- DOJ Automated Latent Print Section


When I became a Property & Evidence Officer in 2006 I had little training from the existing Property Officer. I joined CAPE and it opened up a NETWORK of experienced Property Officers who helped me with legal issues and general knowledge of how to properly handle different situations I had not dealt with before. I have found it very beneficial during my employment as a Property & Evidence Officer.

Debbie Rogalla- San Bernardino County Sheriff-Hesperia


I live in a very rural community so CAPE conference is an excellent opportunity to network with other professionals who share the same interests and are willing to share their knowledge. –The presentations are very informative and often allow for member participation. I can’t wait for the next one!

Christian Ray- Inyo County Sheriff



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