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CAPE was formed in 1988 with the mission of promoting professionalism in property and evidence gathering, processing, and retention. Emphasis is placed on information sharing, training and support.


CAPE is a non-profit organization made up of both civilian and sworn personnel. Membership is open to all those involved in the processing or retention of property and evidence for criminal justice agencies.


CAPE financial report as of March 14, 2022

 Alta Chapter $2000.00
Nor Cal Chapter$944.08
 Central Coast Chapter $2000.00
Orange County Chapter$2000.00
 Central Valley Chapter $2000.00
San Diego Chapter$2000.00
 Greater LA Chapter $1689.58
Sierra Nevada Chapter$2000.00
 Inland Chapter $2000.00
     State Account$192,990.89



Executive Board of Directors

The following is a very brief description of the current duties of each Director. Each board has the discretion to change the position duties/titles as they see fit. Your application to the State Board is not for a specific position. The new board will take seat at the end of that even year’s seminar. Once all of the required seats are full the newly elected board will assign positions.

President: Oversees the organization and presides over meetings. They also review and sign hotel contracts along with the Treasurer. Liaison with all chapter Presidents.

1st Vice President: In charge of training and presides as lead chairperson over any training committees.

2nd Vice President: In charge of vendors for the upcoming training seminars. This position is also in charge of marketing for the organization.

Secretary: Responsible for taking notes during each board meeting, providing minutes and agendas for each of these meetings, and documenting board votes. This position is also a co-director along with the 1st Vice President to assist in training programs.

Treasurer: Maintains all of the finances for the organization, including each chapter and the seminar. They also organize the yearly tax obligations and handle all travel arrangements for state board meetings/functions. Assists in the signing of seminar hotel contracts.

Director of Corporate Relations: In charge of corporate sponsorship and assisting the 2nd Vice President with vendors. Schedules all events where the organization will attend as a vendor (exp. Cal Chiefs, Cal Sheriff's, CPPCA)

Director of Membership: This position is responsible for membership payment updates and membership communications, working along with the Communications Director.

Director of Communications: This position is responsible for all communications going out to the membership along with quality control of all communications. They are also responsible to help maintain the website and any tech development.

Director of Recruitment: This position is responsible for going to agencies and speaking with non-members and supervision to explain the importance of the organization.

Chapter Board of Directors

This is a guideline to assist new chapter board members. Each position held on the chapter board plays an important role; to be a successful chapter, each board member should work together. A successful board provides the chapter members with a wide range of training topics, an open line of communication, and assistance. Don’t forget you are a member too!!


Do we have training days or meetings? The board can make the choice on what the specific day shall be called; most agencies are more willing to send their employees to training days. You can hold both training and meetings; it will all depend on your agenda.

What kind of training is supposed to be provided? Inquire with your chapter members on what kind of training they would like to see and if any of them have specific topics or training needs. Some Ideas: DOJ Firearms, Back to the Basics, Audits and Inventories, Biological Evidence, Retention, and Dispositions.

How does the chapter board come up with topics, and the time to get this done? Work together with the hosting agency, your board members and the chapter members. If you need additional assistance contact the Director of Training or your Region Director, there is a NOR CAL and a SO CAL director; their information is on the website under Board of Directors.

Who is supposed to set up the training on these days? This will all be up to you, your board and the hosting agency; some agencies will have topics and even speakers lined up. There will be times when the hosting agency will need help and even request to host the meeting only. You and the chapter board will need to decide on how to handle this; it would be ideal if the hosting agency provided the main training topic and you and your board can come up with the rest of the agenda.

Hosting Agencies: provide the location, breakfast “goodies”, lunch arrangements and handle the RSVPs. The cost for the breakfast “goodies” can be reimbursed to the agency, they must provide receipts.

Chapter Funds: It is the responsibility of the board to keep track of the purchase and money spent on the chapter. You can do fundraisers to bring in revenue for the chapter, but remember CAPE is not here to make money, so spend wisely and adhere to your chapters by-laws.

How much money can we spend on training days? This will all depend on how much money you have in your chapter account; contact the Board of Directors Treasurer to inquiry about your chapter funds. When choosing the lunch arrangements and deciding on cost, see if the chapter can pick up part if the bill; normally the chapter covers 2$ or 3$ per person of the bill. Example: lunch option is $15 per person, the chapter will charge the member $12. Talk about this option with your board members, there will be a time or two when the chapter pays the entire costs for a member. Non-members should pay the entire cost.

Does the chapter charge more for non-members? Yes, but not too much; charge more for non-members because members pay dues. Whoever is putting out the training day invite will note: Members Cost, Non-Members Cost$

How do we handle reimbursement for items purchased for training days? Keep all the receipts, and they can be mail to the Board of Directors Treasurer. Keep track of all spending for the Chapter.


There will be times throughout the year you or a designated person on your board will send out emails to members and members supervisor; advising them of important dates or information.

What kind of announcements should be put out to the members? Property Officer of the Year, Meritorious Service Award, Chapter Scholarships, Educational Award. Refer to the CAPE website for specifics and forms. Read the details carefully on the requirements. This nomination is due to the Chapter President by November 15

Send 2-3 Emails to the chapter members throughout the year. 1st email: April or a few weeks after the seminar, send out an email to the chapter promoting CAPE and the awards the chapter and State Board provides. 2nd email: July now you can send separate emails to supervisors. You will to send out an email requesting supervisor information. Advise supervisor of CAPE, and these awards. 3rd email:  October remind members of the due dates for the awards, you may want to re contact supervisors as well to remind each of them.

Don’t feel overwhelmed! Save the emails, copy and paste the same information; our goal is to recognize each other and as the chapter is our responsibility to positively push the info. If you have a better way to do this and want to change how things have been done, DO it!! There is nothing wrong with change.


How does information regarding updates for the chapter get put on the website? Become comfortable with the website, it can be a useful tool when planning training days or answering questions from members.

Emailing members: under the membership directory you will find the names off all CAPE members; search by chapter, copy and paste the names of the members each time you send an email out regarding training or whatever you want them to be aware of. By doing it this way you are ensuring you have included all new people and are getting info out to all.

Updating Chapter Pages: it is important to update the chapter page with the following information: Upcoming training days, Meeting minutes, Current board members, Any handouts and information you feel as a board you want your members to be aware of.

How to make the changes on the website: You will receive special access to update or make small changes to your chapter’s website. Don’t worry if you make an error or delete something the webmaster will be able to assist you. If you need something posted onto the website, email the Director of Communications with the attachment and any specifics, and request it be posted. 

How to contact the CAPE webmaster: Use the Contact Us form on the website. Passwords and log on issues will occur, your members will contact you; the Director of Communications will be able to assist in these issues. 

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