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Property Officer of the Year

Nominate by November 1st. Awarded at the annual training seminar.

This is the award that we wish every CAPE member could receive each year. There are so many deserving Property & Evidence Personnel who work so hard despite so many obstacles, and who strive to meet the highest standards every day. We always want to recognize and thank each other for the constant help and support of our peers. Be sure and nominate those you feel are deserving every year!  Award submissions are received from Chapter Presidents and voted on by the Executive Board in accordance with the By-Laws.

CAPE Achievement Award

Nominate by November 1st. Awarded at the annual training seminar.

Take this opportunity to recognize a CAPE colleague who goes above and beyond the call of duty in serving CAPE not only on a chapter level but also beyond. We all know how hard it is to find the time to advance the cause while just trying to keep up, let alone volunteer to help further the CAPE mission. Help us find the property people who give back!

Educational Award

Apply by November 1st. Awarded at the annual training seminar.

CAPE's commitment to education extends beyond our membership's immediate professional needs to include the long-term goals and personal development of members and members' families. One way in which CAPE strives to help is by providing an Educational Award for higher education at an accredited college, university or trade school. This award is open to current CAPE members and immediate family members (sibling, spouse, child, or grandchild) of current CAPE members for use in pursuing higher education. Minimum required GPA for the entire previous year is 3.0. Scholarship money will only be awarded directly to the school due to IRS regulations.

Training Seminar Scholarship

Apply by November 1st. Awarded before January 1.

Is your department tightening the belt this year? We can help, a little bit! CAPE members can apply for this scholarship for the chance to have your seminar registration fee waived. If possible, include a letter from your supervisor or admin stating that this scholarship is needed...You'll still have to cover the hotel and transportation, but maybe this will make the difference as to whether or not you can attend!

Robin Trench Memorial Scholarship

In 2015, PropertyRoom.com began sponsoring one CAPE member's participation in the Training Seminar with a grant of $500 to the member's agency...Thank you, PropertyRoom.com! The recipient is selected at random from early seminar registrations.

Board Nominations & Elections

Every two years (on even years) CAPE elects a new State Executive Board.  Every two years (on odd years) CAPE elects new Chapter Board members.  When there are vacancies, these positions are advertised to the CAPE general membership or the respective Chapter members.  All voting is conducted in compliance with CAPE's bylaws.

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